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Here are some VIDEOS from various online websites. I provide as much information as possible on Civil Rights, Criminal and Personal Injury Law.


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Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Trial from a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Perspective

The Kings Justice Report!

  • I tackle the George Zimmerman Case with Mr. Dove...
civil rights attorney los angeles | Kelly Thomas Trial and POLICE BRUTALITY | Manuel Ramos

Kelly Thomas Trial and POLICE BRUTALITY

  • Kelly Thomas was a homeless man with schizophrenia...
Trayvon Martin | George Zimmerman Trial Explained | Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers

George Zimmerman Trial Explained

  • We break down the Trayvon Martin Case with Mr. Smith...
Zimmerman Verdict Final Response

Zimmerman Verdict Final Response

  • I sit down with LA's top criminal defense attorneys...
 Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles | Why Hire A Lawyer? | Stephen A. King

Personal Injury Lawyers?

  • I break down the importance of hiring a personal injury lawyer...
 Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer (Rodriguez&King) on Auto Accidents/Car Accidents

Personal Injury Discussion

  • I sit down with x-claims agent, Rob Rodriguez...
 Cyber Bullying | Stephen A. King and J. Christopher Smith | Top Los Angeles Attorneys

Cyber Bullying Laws

  • Everything you need to know about protecting your children!
 Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles | Stephen A. King | Darnell Black Sr. acquitted of all charges

Not Guilty Testimonial

  • Darnell Black get's acquitted of all charges!
 Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorney | Allison Margolin on everything: Medical Marijuana | LegalEase TV

Medical Marijuana News

  • The latest Medical Cannabis my Allison Margolin...
 Los Angeles Criminal defense Attorneys | Hot Topics Jerry Sandusky Vs. Bernie Fine

The Jerry Sandusky Case

  • Some of L.A's Top Criminal Defense Lawyers weigh in...
 Civil Rights Attorney | KNOW YOUR RIGHTS INTERACTIVE VIDEO | Stephen A. King

Know Your Rights!

  • What to do if you get pulled over by Police Officers...
 NEW Immigration Waiver

New Immigration Waiver

  • Immigration Attorney Alan Diamante breaks it down...
 Snoop Dogg Arrested in Texas | Stephen A. King & J. Christopher Smith | Los Angeles Attorneys

Snoop Dogg Gets Arrested

  • Snoop finds himself in trouble with Texas Law...
 Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer | RodriguezKing Law Firm | WHY CHOOSE US?

RodriguezKing Law Firm

  • What to do if you have been injured...
The Trayvon Martin Case discussed

The Trayvon Martin Case

  • Everything you need to know about the criminal procedures...
 Civil Rights Attorney |

Client Testimonial

  • A victory for client Michelle Egberts on her civil rights case...
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